Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoya Minka 561

Zoya Minka 561 from the Touch collection.  It's a warm nude shade with glints of shimmer.  The shimmer is micro, and if you are a cream fan, you'd barely notice it.  Now, with the super close pics I took, you can clearly see it.  But in person?  If you look closely or stand in the sun maybe.  The shimmer seems to be there more to loan it additional color.  It's barely-there pink tone helps it.  If the polish had no shimmer at all, it might look very very bland. It's an unnoticeable shimmer that aids in it's shiny-ness and color.   It looks ok on my skintone.  Not my fave shade on ME, but it is a pretty polish.  I'm thinking this will be more of a pedi color for my toes.  Some pics make it look more yellow than it really is.  It's definitely a nude shade, and warm at that, but not yellow.  The pics I took with flash show it best.

Speaking of sun, there is none today, and it is freezing in my apartment.  I'm not sure why I didn't just close the window, but for some reason I like the cool Fall air.  Thus my hands are also cold and my fingertips bright red.  Sorry...
p.s.  click on them...they'll become huge!  :D

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