Friday, December 30, 2011

Embargoed press release from Zoya!

Hey everyone!
   I wanted to take a minute to say that Zoya has sent me a press release to be published on January 1st.  At that time, I will post what they sent.  Now, of course, I am not the only blog to receive this info.  It has come to my attention that some bloggers have released this info prematurely.  Upon googling, it seems that these things were posted about six days ago, and most have since now been removed.

Some have not.  When one person commented on such a blog that it was embargoed for the first of the year, the blog owner shot back with some snotty remark and has yet to remove the post.  They  did say they didn't know it was embargoed at first; but once they knew it was embargoed, they should have removed it. 

I don't know if people just aren't reading the memo that says EMBARGOED for January 1st.  Or if it's just a race to post it first to beat the other blogs to seem like you have an edge over another blogger.  It's disrespectful.


When a company gives you the privilege of knowing about something but sets a date on when they want the info to go public, you need to respect that.  We may not know every detail that goes into why they set a specific date, but we need to respect their wishes.  It's rude and it doesn't make you a better blog because you released it first.  Wouldn't it be nice if they could send out embargoed info and not have to worry about who released it too early, thereby having to ask those bloggers to remove the posts?

Here's what it looks like in the email where they say it's embargoed: (The small white text was originally black, but didn't show up on my blog so I changed it to white.)

___ ___ ___
(Click here to learn what a news/press release embargo is)
Failure to comply by this embargo will result in your removal from our media list.
Images used in this Zoya Press Release may be reposted but DO NOT WATERMARK with your own logo – please.
prior to January 1, 2012
___ ___ ___
How more obvious can it be??

Don't be rude.  Respect the company's wishes.  Earning the respect of the companies for whom you blog for makes you a better blogger.

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