Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A.S.P. Nail Whitening Paste Review

A few days ago I bought the A.S.P nail whitening paste from Sally Beauty Supply. I've never used a whitening paste. I sometimes have stains on my nails due to polish pigment, but never tried the paste. For St. Patty's Day I used an orange color on three nails that left a bit of a stain. I decided I'd give this a whirl. Click the pics for bigger images!


This was enough for both hands:

And After:

Overall I would say I noticed a difference. My nail tips did appear whiter, and the stain, while not removed, seemed less severe. The texture felt smooth, not gritty. It says right on the box it is non abrasive. This is nice, because I do not want to scrub my nail plate with an abrasive. It would be just as effective to use a buffer, if that was the end result. lol

Overall I would say give it a try if you'd like. I probably won't repurchase this, as my whitening toothpaste may give similar results. I think if you have yellow stains from food like curry, or tobacco, this may be more effective. It has a nice mellow scent, hardly noticeable.

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