Thursday, September 20, 2012

Venique 5 Inches of Seduction

Hello happy readers!  Today I bring to you a new Venique swatch!  It's called 5 Inches of Seduction and is lovely!

The brand is Venique and is fairly new. It can be found in salons, as it is a professional line. From the company:
Venique nail lacquer brings long-lasting color to salons. Every Venique nail polish formula, as well as the top coat, contains Sil-Tek, a silicone-based ingredient that creates flexibility within the polish to guard against chipping and flaking. Nails expand when they get wet and contract again when they dry. Sil-Tek's flexibility enables the polish to accommodate those normal variations. Diamond dust inside the topcoat makes it extra shiny! Takes a full 10 minutes to dry. Nails looking dull? You only have to buff a little and the shine will come back.


Now,  I used Zoya Anchor base coat, and Out the Door fast drying topcoat.  These pictures were after four days of wear.  I did have minimal chipping.  My middle finger on my right hand had the biggest chip.  Even then it was small.  And honestly, I think it was because a piece of my own nail chipped off as they are dry right now.  (I must be better about using Solar oil!!!)  Formula was smooth and easy to apply.

On with the pictures!!

This color is a hot fushia pink, with a shimmer of blue running through.  It is so pretty in person.  It reminds me of sunlight shining through and illuminating pinkish-red rose petals.  So pretty! My pinky nails have transfer foil on them.  You can get it at craft stores.  I used some adhesive glue that was given to me by a fellow nail tech.  It came with an order she placed on a site selling nail art supplies.  :,)

I highly recommend clicking on the pictures to get a better view!  Especially the brush shots!

Sent to me for review (thanks Venique!)  All opinions are my own.

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