Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awe, some more swatches!

I have been majorly MIA lately.  I would like to one day own every Zoya color...that's intense.  I'm about 198 bottles short.  I just recently bought the Fire & Ice collection, and now have 176 bottles.  I would like to swatch new collections as I get them in, but need to swatch all the others first.  I know it's nice to look at four fingers glazed in a single color, but please forgive me.  I am going to swatch one finger for each color.  I know this doesn't look as appealing as four fingers, but I have a LOT of colors to swatch for you!  I did ten just tonight! :)  Click on the pics for a closer inspection! :)

Zoya Haley #251  A cream red.  Rich warm tomato shade.  Bright.

Zoya Tobey #253  A cool lavender cream with a touch of violet.

Zoya Jinx #254  A wonderful shimmery golden brown full of shimmer and micro fleck.  Sorry, not the sharpest pics.  Great Fall color!

Zoya Faith #255  A slightly metallic magenta shade of pinkish red.  Micro fleck/frost...reminds me of velvet.

Zoya Sophie #258  A warm cream.  A brick colored brownish red, if that makes sense. 

Zoya Stella #265 A bright blue-red.  Appears mostly like a cream, but has a delicate pinkish frost.  A go-to red.

Zoya Heather #266  A cool-toned white lilac with a hint of lavendar purple.  Appears mostly as a cream, but has a very faint shimmer you can see if you look closely.  Very clean and classy!

Zoya Meadow #268  A deep dusty mauve absolutely loaded with tons of golden shimmer.  The pictures don't do it justice.  This color was most chosen by older clientelle, but is still shimmery enough to be worn at all ages.

Zoya Flora #269  A very pretty, slightly warm, pinkish cream.  Simple and clean. Opaque.

Zoya Poppy #270  This color is so pretty!  A great frosted peach.  Very pretty!  Lots of shimmer going on!

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