Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five more Zoya swatches!

Beyonnce #285  A great metallic duo chrome.  A mix of metallic deep hot pink, and orange.  Firey, gorgeoous, and hard to photograph.
 Yes, The second pic is blurry, but shows the duo-chrome nicely!

Melodie #291  A very different color.  Cool toned nude cream base with tons of silver shimmer.  Very PITA to capture on film, but gorgeous in person!

Sirena #292  A bright flirty pink shimmer.  Slightly metallic bright satin pink with flecks pink and silver shimmer.  Super pretty!


Calypso #295  A pretty, peach color with tons of frost and shimmer.  Tiny flecks of silver shimmer, much like a peach colored Sirena.  Very nice!

Sunny #298  A warm creamy terracotta base with loads of golden fleck iridescence.  Almost due-chrome.  Very fun for summer or fall! 

Whew!  Hope you enjoy!

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