Saturday, January 8, 2011

Zoya Tosca #009

Zoya Tosca #009  From website:  A light strawberry red kissed by sunny golden shimmer. Update your color wardrobe with this fresh take on red.

This color has a ton of gorgeous gold shimmer.  It has a very slight pink undertone.


  1. Very pretty!! LOVE that color!! ;)

  2. I too have a passion for nail polish. Today I bought my first bottle of Zoya polish. Thanks to your photo I bought Tosca. Thanks for posting you photo. Is there a gentle ac adapter powered rotary nail file ? If so would you refer a couple. Maybe one dream one and another one, not too expensive. I hope I can learn to clean polish near cuticles. I didn't realize people used angled brushes to do this.

    1. Hi SherBear. I really wouldn't use a rotary nail file on natural nails. They are really meant for use on acrylic or gel.

      I would say that with electric files, some things to look for would be forward and reverse switches (changes the direction it spins, which helps when filing the other hand), speed controls, and that it uses standard bit sizes. It will say if it does.

      As far as brands, they are numerous. Find one that has the above characteristics, and you should be good to go.

      But again, I wouldn't use them on natural nails.

      Brushes are very handy for cleaning around the cuticles. You can go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and find nice brushes that work well. I like natural hair brushes for working with polish remover.

      Hope that helps!