Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lakme Kajal, my fave!

I know I usually do polish, since this is a polish blog.  But once in a while I'm going to review miscellaneous products I use.  Why not? 

Have you heard of Lakme kajal?  The brand, Lakme, is pronounced lawk-may.  (lawk like hawk).  It's a very big brand in India.  They have many products that I've only seen online, but would love to try. 

I love this kajal.  I've used it for a very long time.  I use it on my waterline in the morning, followed by my mascara.  Now, it does migrate from the outer corner to my lashline, but you can easily reapply if this bothers you.  It doesn't me, because my eye still looks defined even when it has migrated. 

I applied this to my dry hand.  It glides on very smoothly.  In the pictures with the cross, I had sprayed my hand with water and then drew the cross.  I did this to show you the ability to transfer on wet surfaces...i.e waterlines.  It does have camphor in the formulation, which is cooling.  If you have super sensitive eyes, you may want to avoid it.  I personally like the feel.  It smells really nice too.  As far as helping your lashes grow, I can't comment on that per se.  But I will say my lashes certainly don't lack. :,)
  • Has camphor and castor oil to cool and soothe the eyes
  • Helps eyelashes grow longer

Click on the pics for a closer look! :,)

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