Saturday, July 3, 2010

Second set of Zoya swatches!

I have more Zoya swatches for you all! :)  (Tip: You can click the title of the color to go to Zoya's website to buy.  Also all pics are clickable if you desire more detail. :-) )

Zoya Angella #99    A sheer beige.  Lots of hot pink fluorescent shimmer.  Great French color!

Zoya Snow White #114  A classic cream white.  Ideal for French tips!

Zoya Divincia #121   Ooooo.  One of those super shiny, velvety rich shimmer reds.  Deep color.  Perfect Winter color!

Zoya Corrine #127   An almost water sheer, but just enough beige blush to make it perfect for a very natural look.  Looks more yellow in the bottle than it goes on.  I often overlook this one since in the bottle it doesn't seem like it would go with my skin tone, but actually it looks very neutral.  This is two coats, as is all my swatches.  This would work very well for French. Ignore my reddish stained nail beds.

Zoya Hermina #131   A gorgeous metallic shade of pewter with gold mixed in.  If that makes sense.  This is a go-with-anything metallic.  It almost seems to have a very slight suggestion of muted pinkish lavender when you stare at it long enough.  Not in a obvious way, just in tonality.

Zoya Amminah #147    This is a great shade.  It is a neutral nude base, but has a flourescent violet shimmer.  One coat would work great for French, or two coats for more coverage and shimmer.  With one coat it offers more coverage than some sheers. 

As always, I used the Zoya Base, two coats of color, and the Zoya top coat. :)  Enjoy!

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