Thursday, July 1, 2010

Zoya 56, 72, 98

I finally got some swatching in!  Just a few to start.  My batteries weren't completely charged.

First up, Zoya's  Nephratiti 56.  An awesome red shimmer.  The shimmer is fine and subtle in this, but kind of a pinkish-red in tone.  Very pretty!!

Zoya's Liz 72.  A rich dark cream.  Sort of a maroon red.  Smooth, rich application. I can see this as a great Fall color. :)

Zoya Clara 98.  A shimmery peach color with a hint of salmon.  Just a hint.  The shimmer in this has a gold tone.  The first coat goes on quite transparent, but it only takes two coats.

All swatches were done with Zoya Anchor base coat, two coats of color, and Zoya Armor top coat.  I used Zoya Remove + remover to take the polish off.  It deserves a review by itself! :)

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